Land off Sand Road
Great Gransden

View north towards Sand Road

Catesby Estates Limited is bringing forward plans for up to 40 new homes on land off Sand Road, Great Gransden.

The proposals aim to deliver a high quality development including affordable homes and open space, in a sustainable location close to local facilities.

We are seeking input on how best to achieve a development that provides new housing and public open space in a way that integrates with the existing village.

This website has been produced to accompany the consultation we are undertaking to hear the local community’s views on our plans. The feedback we receive will be used to help inform our proposals.
We welcome your comments on our proposals.

Introducing the Site

The site is located on the eastern edge of Great Gransden to the south of Sand Road. The site is currently used for grazing. Its boundaries are defined by hedgerows, trees and fencing.

Properties fronting Sand Road and along Mandene Gardens adjoin the site to the north and west. The Mandean Brook runs parallel to the site’s south eastern boundary.

The site is well located within walking distance of village services and facilities. These are illustrated in detail on the following board.

Catesby Estates Limited

Catesby Estates Limited specialise in the promotion of land, on behalf of landowners, through the planning system to bring forward sustainable residential development in areas with an identified housing need.

We are committed to working with and listening to stakeholders and members of the local community to make sure we get the scheme right.



Site Location Plan