Land off Sand Road
Great Gransden


We are in the process of drawing together proposals for an outline planning application which will be submitted to Huntingdonshire District Council over the coming weeks. During the application process the District Council will undertake consultation with the local residents, the Parish Council and statutory/non statutory consultees such as the Local Highway Authority, the Local Flood Risk Authority and Natural England.

The Local Plan and Relevant Considerations

Planning applications are determined in accordance with the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. The current Development Plan for Huntingdonshire comprises of the 1995 Local Plan, as altered in 2002, and the Huntingdonshire Core Strategy of 2009.

The strategy for new homes set by the Huntingdonshire Development Plan is based on an out of date housing requirement (calculated prior to significant changes introduced by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in 2012).

As a result the weight to be given to the restrictive Development Plan policies is reduced. In such circumstances the focus shifts to other material considerations, such as the need for more market and affordable housing and any shortfall in the five year supply of housing land. The balance is tilted in favour of granting planning permission, unless the benefits are significantly and demonstrably outweighed by any adverse effects.

The Council is preparing a new Local Plan which once adopted in 2019 will replace the current Development Plan. Whilst it is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications, it does not yet attract full weight.

The land off Sand Road was considered in the Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment and was judged to be potentially suitable for residential development subject to the retention of existing tree cover and the use of careful boundary treatments.

What Makes This Site Sustainable?

The Local Facilities Plan shown opposite illustrates the location of the site relative to the village centre, local school, employment and community facilities.

As with any new development, demand for places at local schools will increase. We understand that there is some capacity for additional pupils at Barnabas Oley Primary School. Should improvements be required to accommodate additional children, this will be addressed via financial contributions secured through S106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy.


The Need for New Homes

Huntingdonshire Council will need to find appropriate sites to build new homes to meet its identified housing needs.

In preparing their new Local Plan, the District Council is proposing that 21,000 new homes will need to be delivered over the plan period, which equates to 840 dwellings per annum. Against this overall requirement, the Council is required to maintain a deliverable supply of housing land for the next 5 years.